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Trust the Process & Embrace the Journey

LIFE! This four-letter word has its ups and down and will have you twisted and turned IF you let it. Most of us are working to reach our next destination however, we begin to face the bumps in the road. It’s almost like as soon as you get a good flow going something happens to throw you off your game! Like most when a bump arises, I immediately begin to fret!  I began to question Lord, what is it THIS TIME, the infamous “WOE IS ME” instantly set in.  Over the years I began to work on changing my perspective about life and truth be told IT WAS A HIT AND MISS ( depending on how I looked at the situation) but on this past Wednesday night during my interview with a breast cancer survivor on my weekly show, she stated  “God knew he could trust me with Trouble” it hit me like it has never hit me before. God is so strategic at what he does, even with our trials and tribulations. They are specifically given to us on PURPOSE for OUR PURPOSE! I know the process is not the best and the journey through are a mixture of great moments and not so great ones but understand that there is something much greater than just that moment. The glory that God will get when the world hears and sees how God transformed you and brought you through will all be worth it in the end. WE must keep telling ourselves that “The Process is only Temporary” and that “This Too shall PASS”.  Stay encourage dear friend, WE GOT THIS!

Peace & Blessings


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