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The Journey may be tough but I am built to last!

It's be a long time coming but I am committed to the cause! I'm Cina, the CEO/Founder of PusHer Movement where I proudly serve as 'Your PusHer" encouraging you to embrace your journey while pushing pass your past. My life's trials and tribulations are what I use as an example to encourage and uplift women abroad to not allow your current situation to be your final destination. There was purpose in every single thing that I have went thorough and will continue to go through and because I DID NOT let it beat me and keep me down, God has allowed me to channel my most lowest moments to encourage and uplift someone else. DISCLAIMER I DO NOT have all the answers and I CAN NOT guarantee you that what worked for me will work for you but the key to any situation is PRAYER! Going to God in all honesty was not the easiest thing for me but as each day passes it gets better and better. I would not be here if it wasn't for him, his grace and favor upon my life. I'm excited for the road ahead and I would love for you to be my special guest as the works of the man above unfold on this assignment that God has bestowed upon me. I do not take this assignment lightly because other people lives are at stake, so if my life's story and testimony of trial and error becoming triumph and truth only touches one person a day, month or year then I know that my work will not be in vain. This journey will be tough, but I was created to withstand for I am a PusHer, a woman of RESILENCE!

Peace and Blessings


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